Scotch Plains, NJ

The Opulence

at Scotch Plains

Features: Sheer Descent Waterfall, Laminar Jets, Sundeck
Additional Features: Raised Deck, Patio, Outdoor Grill & Dining Area, Landscaping

These homeowners in Scotch Plains, NJ, have a secret. They, too, can enjoy the amenities of luxury outdoor living in the middle of Union County. With rectangular pool designs in their vision, the homeowners selected “The Opulence” and let the creative minds at The Pool Boss go to work. Chris Argenziano and his team of custom pool builders transformed this mid-sized suburban lot into a lush spread of outdoor relaxation and wonder.

Situated directly behind their spacious two-story home, the classic rectangle pool design creates a stunning vista that can be viewed from the home’s panoramic back windows. Its sapphire waters reveal a traditional yet modern pool design with sought-after upgrades for all to enjoy. Its generous size and rectangular shape provide plenty of space for wading or swimming laps. The custom pool builders made a spacious sun deck that offers a restful spot to soak up the sun or catch up on reading while in shallow, soothing waters. Three sheer descent waterfalls line the long side of the swimming pool, highlighted by laminar jets cascading behind them. The multi-level waterfalls forge together to provide a three-dimensional water show of mesmerizing sight and relaxing sound.

Without complementary hardscaping and landscaping to frame it, no luxury pool installation would be complete. A modern deck with clean lines overlooks the backyard, with steps leading down the swimming pool. Classic paving stones line the pool and create space for ample seating or socializing. On one end, a canopy sunbed makes for the ideal spot for an outdoor slumber for two. The backyard retreat is completed with an elevated garden lined with boxwoods, providing scenic opulence and privacy all in one. All elements work together to create the very definition of modern luxury swimming pool design.

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