Caldwell, NJ

The Harmony

at Caldwell, NJ with Custom Bench

Features: Spillover Hot Tub, Deck Jets
Additional Features: Outdoor Kitchen, Patio, Firepit

A musical harmony contains a simultaneous combination of tones blended in a way that is pleasing to the ear. This pool, known as “The Harmony” contains a combination of amenities that are pleasing to all of the senses.

Situated in Caldwell, NJ, this outdoor recreational area is a treasure. Designed to resemble an oasis, this custom free-form pool features a bench and something unusual: a spill-over hot tub that provides a waterfall effect and allows the hot tub to be housed in the same vicinity as the pool. For added pizazz, the pool also features multiple deck jets.

Playing with a variety of colors and textures, the patio is also equipped with multiple areas for socializing, including an outdoor kitchen and custom benches surrounding a fire pit. This Harmony really sings.

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