Montville - the HamptonMontville, NJ

The Hampton at Montville

Features: Spilllover Spa, Deck Jets
Additional Features: Patio, Pavilion, Raised Patio, Landscaping

What is the best vacation to escape summer’s heat & humidity? A staycation spent in your very own luxury inground swimming pool, of course! With ample backyard space as their canvas, the owners of this elegant Montville, NJ home contacted The Pool Boss custom pool builders to do their magic.

Chris Argenziano and his professional team visited the tree-lined Morris County property to survey the land and begin plans on their new luxury inground swimming pool. Taking advantage of the deep dimensions of the backyard, the custom pool builders installed “The Hampton,” a rectangle pool design with a modern-classic twist. The sparkling pool was appointed with upgraded features that set it apart from the rest. A refreshing spillover spa encased in custom glass tilework cascades a thin sheet of water into the pool’s far end. Meanwhile, high, cascading deck jets running the length of the inground swimming pool create arches of water that give a nod to the Roman aqueducts.

Custom hardscaping surrounds the inground swimming pool, framing it with a variety of angular lines. The raised patio offers plenty of space for relaxing or entertaining. On one side, you’ll find a row of deck chairs, ideal for socializing or sunbathing. On the other, you can spend a little time in the shade, socializing, or catching a bite to eat in the custom pavilion’s cozy seating area.

This aquatic paradise is complete with neatly-manicured shrubbery and various potted flowers sprinkled throughout the elite outdoor space. With a refreshing inground swimming pool just outside your back door, you’d no doubt be canceling your vacation plans, too!

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