Allendale, NJAllendale, NJ

The Opulence

at Allendale, NJ

Features: Internal Sundeck
Additional Features: Roofed outdoor living room with conversational seating and fireplace, roofed outdoor dining area, patio

While the idea of swimming pool ownership is not new, there is an increasing trend of homeowners elevating their pool & patio areas into truly integrated extensions of their homes. This impressive home in Allendale, NJ is no exception. The property was improved by The Pool Boss’s installation of a classic pool in the time-honored rectangular shape. Featuring internal stage width steps, a sundeck, and a custom free-form waterfall, it’s perfect for those who swim laps or lounge beside the pool.

The patio was completed with gray paving stones which complement the home’s monochromatic aesthetics. It also features an oversized covered conversational area with an outdoor kitchen, television, and multiple zones for socializing. Opulence personified.

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