Union County, NJ

The Hampton

at Verona

Features: Full width steps
Additional Features: Patio, Pergola, Fire Place, Retaining Wall, Landscaping, Outdoor Lighting

The Pool Boss can add a household in Verona, NJ to their growing list of satisfied clients. The family had dreams of building a luxury swimming pool but faced a couple of obstacles that may have prevented it. Firstly, their lovely Essex County home was situated on a hill, so their sloping backyard would challenge the pool installation process. Secondly, with the town’s zoning laws, they weren’t sure whether they could excavate or build onto the property at all!

The homeowners contacted The Pool Boss to discuss their ideas for a luxury swimming pool. To their relief, they learned that Chris Argenziano and his team of expert pool builders had experience in zoning regulations and accommodating variances. The team then formulated a creative solution to work with the contours of the land. By designating a separate, fenced-in swimming pool area at the back of the property, they could safely and successfully move forward with the pool installation, which was at the top of their wishlist.

Given the somewhat narrow footprint to work within, the family considered rectangular pool designs and opted for the popular style “The Hampton.” An area was graded to create space for the luxury swimming pool of their dreams! The pool was fitted with full-width steps, ideal for easing into the crystal blue waters one toe at a time…or simply lounging. Its classic rectangular pool shape suits it for swimming laps or simply cooling off in calm, refreshing waters.

Safely tucked away into a separate property area while granting a fantastic view from the back patio, the pool installation was a success. Gray and earth-toned paving stones framed the aquatic paradise to complement the home’s architecture while providing space for a generous side patio. A rustic retaining wall was created for structural support and textured visual interest beside the luxury swimming pool. A strip of magenta and white flowers adds pleasing greenery to enjoy, while the surrounding vinyl fencing provides privacy.

At one side of the custom hardscape patio sits an impressive wood and stone pergola with an integrated gas fireplace and television. Providing shade on hot summer days or warmth during the colder months, the stylish pergola makes an ideal entertainment zone for family and friends year-round. So let’s cozy up around the fireplace now; no need to press pause on luxury outdoor living during the winter months!

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