The Regal

at Montville with Custom Deep End Bench

Features: Internal Custom Steps, Fire/Water Bowls
Challenges/Obstacles Throughout the Project: Extremely wooded backyard, several trees were removed to manicure the space for the pool
Additional Features: Patio, Raised Outdoor Kitchen, Raised outdoor dining area, Fire table

If the grounds of this exquisite modern chateau look familiar to you…you would be right! It is home to none other than Joe & Melissa Gorga from The Real Housewives of New Jersey! This stunning property is camera-ready with its variety of modern yet classic features implemented by The Pool Boss. They took special care to stay true to the architectural elements of the house by introducing fixtures that would complement its European style.

Take a look at the striking Roman pool with the beveled ledge, complete with two fire bowls added for interest and flair. The pool features elegant internal steps and a bench for lounging. It’s surrounded by squares of travertine patio spaced to show greenery in between the tiles for an overall romantic feel. This storybook-like space is completed with an outdoor kitchen & entertaining area with a fire table that can be found along the side of the pool. It’s not just a pool; it’s what dreams are made of.

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