The Hampton

at Mahwah

Features: Internal Stage Width Steps, Internal Deep End Bench, Raised Sheer Descent Waterfall with LED Spill, Deck Jets
Additional Features: Blue stone Natural stone patio, Outdoor lounge area

In the Northern tip of New Jersey, this spacious Mahwah property features something special, courtesy of The Pool Boss. This large backyard dwelling is home to “the Hampton,” a classic rectangular pool with a modern twist. Built with internal stage-width steps which make for a dramatic entrance, it also has a deep end bench for lounging and socializing. Things really start to heat up with the customized options: a dramatic, illuminated “Sheer Descent” waterfall at the deep end of the pool, multiple arched jets & mesmerizing LED lighting placed throughout.

Framing the pool is a dramatic network of contemporary gray paving stones that vary in arrangement to expose strips of greenery along the sides of the pool. All of these elements together make for a club atmosphere that’s pretty hard to beat.

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