The Ell

at Berkeley Heights With Custom Internal Benches

Features: Sundeck, Deck Jets, Spillover Spa, Custom Steps
Additional Features: Patio, Landscaping

This Berkeley Heights home has a backyard space that brings the mood of pure bliss! The Union County homeowners contacted The Pool Boss to build a family-friendly backyard paradise with high-end features and a cozy feel. Our team of luxury pool builders delivered this vibe and then some!

Perusing both rectangular pool designs and free-form pool designs, the family found the perfect balance in “The Ell,” a pool with a distinctive letter “L” shape. As the home was located in an area with zoning parameters, Chris Argenziano and his custom pool installers knew exactly what to do to create the luxury outdoor living space of the family’s dreams. After obtaining variance approval, they completed all the necessary steps to proceed with the exciting pool installation process.

The pool installers fitted the stately backyard with a custom inground pool having the looks to delight and the features to match. The property’s vast size would allow the luxury swimming pool to occupy just a small portion of the family’s backyard. Full-width steps within the custom inground pool create the space for multiple guests to enter at their leisure. An alcove features an incorporated sun deck, ideal for enjoying just a hint of refreshing cool water while taking in the peaceful view. Custom benches throughout the pool provide additional seating options for guests, while stunning deck jets create the oohs and ahhs.

The custom inground pool’s generous length makes it suitable for swimming laps, engaging in water sports, or simply wading around. Leaving no stone unturned, the pool builders installed mesmerizing LED lights, making the pool suitable for nighttime swimming. When guests want to get cozy, they can visit the inset hot tub, delivering jetted indulgence. With its integrated spill-over spa, it’s ideal for summer nights or when temperatures dip at the season’s end.

Enclosing the outdoor oasis is a handsome framework of paving stones, including a brick retaining wall with shrubbery and seasonal flowers to add a feeling of romance while providing privacy. Separate patios along the back and side of the home provide areas where one can either dine at the table or warm oneself by the relaxing fire pit.

After taking a final scan of the outdoor oasis, we can only ask…can we be best friends?

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