Deciding on which type of pool will be the best fit for your backyard is a decision that involves much consideration. A pool is an investment into your property that will increase the value of your home. It creates a new entertainment zone that suits all lifestyles. A major re-sale plus! So, how do you decide on what is the best type of pool? First, you want to understand the difference between two types of pools.

A vinyl liner swimming pool structure is assembled in modular panels covered with a vinyl liner. The structure has unlimited shape and size potential. There are no limitations of length, width, and depth of vinyl liner pools. Today, if you hire the right skilled builder vinyl pools can be built in any shape including free form and can embody water features, sundecks, swim outs, and benches. If you can dream it; we can build it with a vinyl liner pool.

A gunite (concrete) pool uses a rebar framework that is sprayed over with a concrete and sand mixture. Like vinyl liner pools, gunite pools can come in various lengths, widths, and depths.

So, what is the difference between the two?

A vinyl liner pool is less expensive to install than a gunite pool. A gunite pool with standard finishes can easily start out between $10,000-$15,000 more than the identical size and shape vinyl liner pool. In addition the building process of a gunite pool on average takes two to four months vs. a vinyl liner pool which can be completed in two to three weeks.

For both pool types water chemistry must be maintained for swimmer safety. Because the surface of a gunite pool is very rough, algae and debris can easily accumulate along the surface of the pool, requiring more chemicals and maintenance. With a gunite pool if the water chemistry is not properly maintained the color of the plaster will discolor. Meaning that if you want your pool color to appear as it once did, you will need to re-plaster the pool which can carry a substantial price tag.

Living in New Jersey entails cold winters. Both pools can be winterized. However, with a gunite pool one must be advised that colder climates can result in frost heaving the tiles, requiring re-tiling.

When thinking of your lifestyle and who will be entertained in your beautiful pool you want to keep in mind the surface of the pool. Vinyl pools are smooth on feet and protect your little ones as well as your friends and family members from scratches that could occur from contact with a coarse surface. With the proper 28 mil liner, vinyl pools are also furry friend friendly. A gunite pool has a rough surface that does become rougher with every passing year requiring more frequent repair if you want to keep the pool safe for little ones and adult swimmers. A simple scratch against a concrete surface can result in bleeding or a child not wanting to re-enter the water surface due to fear of getting hurt once again.

As with any luxury item, such as a vehicle, your pool inevitably will require some repair. On average gunite and vinyl liner pools will need to be renovated every 10-15 years. A gunite pool repair will involve resurfacing and re-tiling the pool, in some cases the bullnose and bond beam may also need to be repaired at an approximate expense of $8,000- $15,000 or much higher depending on the pool size and finishes. Should the bullnose and bonding need to be repaired as well the approximate cost could increase substantially to a total of $20,000 – $25,000. On average a vinyl liner pool will require a new liner at an approximate cost of $2,500-$4,500. Replacing a vinyl liner can be completed in one day. Re-plastering and re-tiling a gunite pool can take one to two weeks.

Vinyl liner pools now come in so many size and shape options that it simply is the way to go when designing your dream backyard! Saving on the cost of the actual pool allows a homeowner to spend more on the area that encompasses the pool creating a complete backyard experience that is extremely appealing.

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