Which is Better: Gunite (Concrete) or Vinyl Liner Pools?

Deciding on which type of pool will be the best fit for your backyard is a decision that involves much consideration. A pool is an investment into your property that will increase the value of your home. It creates a new entertainment zone that suits all lifestyles. A major re-sale plus! So, how do you…


VIDEO: How Do I Backwash a DE Filter?

How Do I Backwash a DE Filter?   If your pool has been equipped with a diatomaceous earth filter, eventually you will need to perform a process called “backwashing.” Backwashing is necessary when your DE filter has absorbed the maximum amount of dirt and debris. While it may sound intimidating, the process is simple. First,…


VIDEO: Using a Salt Generator

Using a Salt Generator   Your Aqua Rite generator is your best tool for managing healthy water chemistry. It will produce chlorine according to the desired output adjustment for the duration of the filtering and pumping cycle. For normal operation, the Main Switch should be left in the AUTO position. The OFF position prevents the…


VIDEO: Project Spotlight – Montclair, NJ

Project Spotlight – Montclair, NJ


An all time favorite the rectangle pool with internal step and auto cover. This pool features a modern look with sleek symmetrical lines. The backyard features a custom Norwegian Buff patio, fireplace and sitting area creating the perfect space for those who love to entertain.